Below is a price list for our language courses. We do not publish prices for editing, interpreting, translation or copywriting services as the price is variable depending on the deadline, complexity and preparation time involved. Please contact us if you are interested in working together with us on such a project and we will be delighted to respond to you immediately with a free estimate.


All rates are per unit and one unit is 45 minutes. We recommend at least two units per lesson. All prices include 19% VAT.


The prices listed below do not include travel costs or the cost of student books if this is required.



1-to-1 Lessons


Exclusive lessons just with you and the teacher.


Individual Private


Individual Commercial




Group Lessons


We always try to keep group sizes below seven people. Our preferred group size is 3-5 students.


Semi-private Group

(2 Students)


Semi-private Commercial Group

(2 Students)


Group in our language school

(3-7 Students)


Commercial Group

(3-7 Students)

(At our language school or a location of your choice)

€24 per person



€49 per group



€17 per person



€54 per group