Since 2001 we have completed a wide range of translations afrom a variety of different companies, institutes and individuals. We specialise in marketing, PR, advertising and journalistic text from many industries. Furthermore, we carry out legal translations for courts and lawyers, as well as certified translations.


We carry out translations from German to English and English to German. For texts with other languages we work together with trusted colleagues.


Quality is always paramount for us. That’s why we always doublecheck every text – first a translator processes it, then a native-speaker edits it. 


Arlette Errington is certified by the state, publicly appointed and sworn as a translator.


Michael Errington can look back on many successful years as an editor.


Due to the specific nature of this work, we don’t list prices on the website. Instead, we ask interested customers to contact us directly with their requirements and we will reply with a quotation.