English Courses in Stuttgart

At Errington Language Services, our bread-and-butter is English. Michael Errington was born and raised in the UK, Arlette Errington studied and worked in London, and many of our freelancers come from the wider English-speaking world – from Australia to South Africa.

We don’t wish to downplay the important of other foreign languages, but English as a second language has become the most important international language. At Errington Language Services, we recognise this and take great pride in our English courses that we provide for our corporate clients as well as for individual clients, in our language school, online or at companies.


The most significant aspect of any English course is practice. Through conversation and discussion with native speakers, the language ability can be improved significantly simply through passive learning. We have a lot of experience in correcting our language students, while making the lessons fun and motivating our students. Naturally, a few tweaks to the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation may also be necessary as time progresses, depending on your individual goals.


Whether you are training for a certificate, looking to freshen up your English, or are searching for fun and motivating team-building activities for your employees, we have personalised courses which will meet your needs.